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Th­e pidgin name plesyumi derives from a locality on New Britain island, Papua New Guinea. It is a combination of pidgin words ples meaning place or locality and yumi meaning you and me, literally meaning place belonging to or for you and me.

Th­e name was originally coined by the local community and mineral explorers in the late 1960s to describe a copper-bearing area on the Metelen River in the foothills of the Whiteman Ranges, in the geographic centre of New Britain.

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Our logo features the New Britain, or White-mantled, kingfisher, Halycon albonotata. The 16-20 cm long bird is mainly blue and white with a white mantle (feathers of the upper back). It ranges from sea-level to 950 m and is generally sparse and local. It is endemic to New Britain.

Dr David Lindley

Dr David Lindley is the researcher and author of the books on the plesuymi website.

David is a Geologist and has spent much of his working life in Papua New Guinea. Born in Gundagai and educated at Tumut High School and the University of New South Wales, his historical research has centred on southern New South Wales and eastern Papua. His technical publications include more than 60 items on the geology of Papua New Guinea. David is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists. 

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